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Transparent Love : A story of love giving

December 8th, 2017 by

Episode 1 page no. 1

Lots of laughs heard from a flower decorated home. Teas and coffees are being served. Kids are running between, one another. TV volume kept at very low and playing it. Mirrors are also very busy. Seniors started talking about 1940’s and 1950’s and teasing one by sugar jokes. Flour foods are dipped in boiling oil while sweets are ready made.

Varun ascending steps to top…

Leelavathi calls, “Varun, do not hesitate to talk. Make it easy”. “Ok, mother” Varun replied.

As soon as Riya saw Varun, she stood straight reflecting respect towards Varun

Varun saw her and without any hesitation, asked, “Are you a love failure”

Riya shocked when heard it and soon got back, “No…no” she answers with gaps

Varu with no change in look told, “Don’t misunderstand me, am a love failure, so i had a thought of marrying a love failure, its closed”

Varun turns around to follow down steps, mean while Riya shouts, “Ram”

Varun have a glance at Riya with his eyebrows closing and questioning, Riya again with nodding head up and down says, “Its Ram”

Varun stood firm facing Riya, “Its Ok then, i will get down and tell them am OK for our engagement”

Riya stood looking sharp into Varun’s eyes.

To Be Continued…

– Chakri Chinthapatla

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