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Transparent Love : A story of love giving

December 13th, 2017 by

Page No. 3

…Varun types it faster in his mobile and further insists louder, “18 01 13 are the last numbers, OK”, with sky voice.

Riya then knew that Varun understood “18 01 13” is “R A M” alphabets.

Riya then leans back on her bed relaxing and went deep in it… slowly she is escaping herself into past…

“Riya, stop…what are you doing”, shouted Ram at Riya holding her wrist on road. She then struggles to get out of Ram’s hold.

Ram pulls Riya to have face to face and Riya won’t look into Ram voluntarily. Ram holding her shoulders ,”Riya you are mistaken. That is not true what you heard and I can’t exactly explain you what had happened”

“OK, you are done…now leave” Riya asks, “Leave me alone” Riya shouts. Ram releases her, ” Riya please don’t do this to me” he cries. Riya with sharp eyes, “am not… you did it for yourself”

Riya phone rings…

She gets up and take her mobile, she feel wondering by seeing a call from unknown number. “Hello” Riya initiates. “Hi Riya, its Varun” he confirms. Riya sits straight,” Yes, Varun tell me what”, Varun sooner says, “Shall we move out”

Riya shocks and get back asking, “20 mins… I’ll be ready and where will we meet”, “I’ll pick you up from your home” Varun answers. “No no no…no way… you are just gone please don’t return” Riya tell him with tense.

“Tell me where are you now, I’ll reach straight to you” Riya says, “OK, then come out of your room. Am waiting in your hall since am calling”, Varun informs.

Riya run out of room, watch Varun sitting and having tea…

Riya stick to the wall, as smiles coming out of her face and shines. Riya texts WhatsApp to Varun “Give me 10 minutes”, “No problem, dear” Varun replied. Riya strictly insists “Don’t call me dear”, Varun give a smile and replies,”OK, I won’t call you, dear”

Riya read it and smiles again understanding it…

To Be Continued…

– Chakri Chinthapatla

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