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Transparent Love : A story of love giving

December 14th, 2017 by

Page No. 4

…”Give me 10 minutes”, “No problem, dear” Varun replied. Riya strictly insists “Don’t call me dear”, Varun give a smile and replies,”OK, I won’t call you, dear”

Riya read it and smiles again understanding it…

Riya getting herself ready in her room. Her mother enters the room, Riya by seeing her mother in the mirror, turns around and asks, “Mom…shall i leave with him”

“Go and get back safe and remember, don’t make things that doesn’t make sense”, her mother sweetly warns.

Varun and Riya come out of home, Riya self-starts her scooty. Varun watch Riya a second and start saying, “Ahh ! Riya , do you mind if i ask you to sit in my car”

“Absolutely, i mind Mr. Varun” Riya adds, “No thanks for your car”. Varun take a deep breath and sighs.

“Riya, would you again mind if ask for a lift on your scooty”, Varun expresses. Riya asks wondering, “ho ! Really”. Varun sitting on backspace of her scooty says, “Absolutely Miss. Priya…why should only girls have fun”.

Scooty stops at coffee shop. Both gets in. Varun chooses a table at wall side while Riya selects a table at mirror side where can she watch the traffic.

Varun stand at his position without a move giving some short time to her to think. But, Riya goes straight and sit at mirror.

Varun walks to the chair in front of her, by laying himself lazily on seat remembering lord Ram intentionally he murmurs , “Hey Ram…”. Riya delivers a sudden harsh look,”What did you just say”, she reacts.

“Ho ! sorry, I didn’t mean that” Varun says, adding to that quickly,”OK lets order”. Riya changes her look to traffic. Varun now realizes inside “Mirrors are better than walls if we hang out with a girl like this”.

To Be Continued…

– Chakri Chinthapatla

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