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Transparent Love : A story of love giving

December 11th, 2017 by

Page No. 2

Varun stood firm facing Riya, “Its Ok then, i will get down and tell them am OK for our engagement”

Riya stood looking sharp into Varun’s eyes.

Varun gets down and went straight to his mother, “it’s OK from my side”, he said. Leelavathi with big smiles reveals the news to Riya’s parents.

Riya’s mother soon reaches steps and saw Riya stepping down slowly. Tilting up Riya’s head by holding her chin with finger tips asked, “what happened, they are OK with you, what will you say”

Riya with tears passing eyes hugs her mother, that she can’t tell her that he accepted her after he knew that she was a love failure.

“What about you mother, if am not with you here” Riya cries on her mother’s shoulder. Mother understood what she said, “Oh dear” firms the hold still tight.

Parents of either side exchange flowers and fruits each other finishing first traditional event before marriage.

“Riya give me your mobile number, so that i could keep in touch”, Varun asked openly in front of all family. Everyone had a glance at Riya. Feeling erotic, Riya replied, “Not before marriage”

Without any waiting Varun asked, “Then give me your landline number”. Everyone laughs at that and Riya gives her mobile number. Varun types it faster in his mobile and further insists louder, “18 01 13 are the last numbers, OK”, with sky voice.

Riya then knew that Varun understood “18 01 13” is “R A M” in alphabets.

To Be Continued…

– Chakri Chinthapatla

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