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Telangana poets are honoured in WTC by CM KCR

December 16th, 2017 by

Taking Hyderabad as a perfect place hosting World Telugu Conference (WTC) had begun with highly impressive and respectful manner in LB Stadium. Right starting from Jyothi Prajvula tradition to the end of everything planned in the programme had shown what Telanagana is all about. Many officials from various sector were took their own place of participation.

A lot of worth full sentences are delivered from each and every speaker who spoke on the stage. All the programme gone through enlightening Telugu literature and great Telugu poets. Especially, Telanagana’s honorable Chief Minister KCR had not finished his talk without praising Telangana poets Andesri, Goreti Venkanna and Jayaraj for their great contribution in Telangana movement and remembered the meaningful song they had written and sung to inspire all the people.

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