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Karimnagar ban liquor in open places

December 2nd, 2017 by

Karimnagar Ban on liquor consumption in the open places, Which would be help people to bringing order to the society, But some of the recent incidents have led to criticism. Recently, two persons drowned in agricultural wells while trying to escape the police.

Karimnagar Police Commissioner sticktly informed the police department, to banned liquor consumption in open places and other illegal activities he introduced supervision by Blue Colts. Constables of the team have been visiting every nook and corner to control illegal activities and they are also covering outskirts of the town.

The People, who have been consuming liquor on the outskirts areas and agricultural fields start fleeing on seeing police and in the hurry, they are meeting with accidents in some of the places.

Recently, Many of the people are died for liquor consumption, a man identified as Bandari Srinivas (33) drowned in agricultural well on the outskirts of Kothapalli on April 27. A resident of Mothe of Ramadugu mandal, Srinivas consumed liquor with his friends on the outskirts of the village.

The Police Department started arresting people consuming liquor during the day with the help of drone cameras, after which they were produced in the court.

Many of the youth and common people, who get caught are scared that the news would appear in vernacular dailies and come to notice of their parents, due to this youths especially college students are trying to run away on seeing police, police officials said.

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