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India vs Srilanka, ODI starts from tomorrow

December 9th, 2017 by

Its 1-0, Indian cricket team result in test cricket with Srilanka earlier this month. With 2 matches drawn and 1 victory by an innings by India. Indian team captain skipper Virat Kohli is planning a good cricket performance in ODI starts tomorrow at 11:30 am (IST) against Srilanka. Match held in HPCA stadium, Chelian.

Showing his form Virat Kohli beat centuries against Srilanka in test series recently, bowlers like shami, Ishant, Ashwin had given the best out of them. Virat Kohli takes very smart team squard to the ground in this match.

India with all consecutive wins taking the lead position on BBCI ranking boards. Srilanka striving hard for getting the best cricket out of one and each Srilankan men.

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