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Transparent Love : A story of love giving

December 14, 2017

Page No. 4 …”Give me 10 minutes”, “No problem, dear” Varun replied. Riya strictly insists “Don’t call me dear”, Varun give a smile and replies,”OK, I won’t call you, dear” Riya read it and smiles again understanding it… Riya getting herself ready in her room. Her mother enters the room, Riya by seeing her mother […]

Transparent Love : A story of love giving

December 13, 2017

Page No. 3 …Varun types it faster in his mobile and further insists louder, “18 01 13 are the last numbers, OK”, with sky voice. Riya then knew that Varun understood “18 01 13” is “R A M” alphabets. Riya then leans back on her bed relaxing and went deep in it… slowly she is […]

Transparent Love : A story of love giving

December 11, 2017

Page No. 2 Varun stood firm facing Riya, “Its Ok then, i will get down and tell them am OK for our engagement” Riya stood looking sharp into Varun’s eyes. Varun gets down and went straight to his mother, “it’s OK from my side”, he said. Leelavathi with big smiles reveals the news to Riya’s […]

Transparent Love : A story of love giving

December 8, 2017

Episode 1 page no. 1 Lots of laughs heard from a flower decorated home. Teas and coffees are being served. Kids are running between, one another. TV volume kept at very low and playing it. Mirrors are also very busy. Seniors started talking about 1940’s and 1950’s and teasing one by sugar jokes. Flour foods […]

Kids Story – A Little Friend

December 1, 2017

Lets Enjoy with this story of “A Little Friend” One Day the king of forest Mr. Lion King. During his chase to catch a rabbit he sprang into a small bush but from where he came out not with the rabbit but with a large thorn in his palm. He tried his level best to […]

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