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A.M Ratnam Planning Movie with Pavan Kalyan

December 3rd, 2017 by

The producer of huge films … now many producers are listening. A few years ago, however, the most prominent name was AM Ratnam. He has screened films with huge production values ​​like “Bharatiya” and “Only One” on the banner of ‘Surya Movies’. Gopichand has recently produced a movie ‘Oxygen’. His son AM Jyothikrishna is the director of this film. The film has recently been released. AM Rathan spoke to the audience on this occasion. What about his other projects about ‘Oxygen’?

See Messages!

“If you say good in the movies … people will not get ear, they say that the films are not popular. But, there are messages in the ‘one and the only’ we have in the past. But in the movie sense, they say with some commercial values. That’s why. Now it’s just ‘oxygen’. ‘Smoking is harmful to health’ is shown in a commercial format. Some members of the censor board appreciated our film. Before the film, one reel will not smoke after a break … The censor member said that taking a movie with the subject is so great that it is so good.

It is ‘hard’

“After we released the film ‘Kartavavyam’ in Tamil, the choice of lady constables was very good. Around 300 people were given a notification for selection of constables, with 5,000 participants. By then the Tamil Nadu Lady Constable’s post was not a big one. ‘Oxygen’ is good for any language. Akshay Kumar and Ajay Deewak in Bollywood are very good. In this story we will tell Shivraj kumar in Kannada. There is a thought in Tamil. ”

Pawan’s cinema soon

“Pawan Kalyan has always wanted to make a film. It’s late. Pawan Kalyan will be doing the film soon. It’s always going to be decided. The ‘incognito’ has finally come up. When the film is completed, we will talk and talk together. ‘Aryagala Bullet’ has stopped our release of ‘Oxygen’. Then, for ‘Gautamandha’ Now there is a slight decrease in the collection. The reason for this is the season. There is no big gains this season. ”

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